DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) State Forest Nemba ride

Riders: John Stockford, Rick, Doug, Michael, Jill

Ok, John has complained about not riding with Rick for months now so he must have been happy because they drove up together AND rode together. Doug decided to drive up solo in case he got called for work and Michael and I drove up in my car. We met at Starbucks in Enfield and it took us about an hour to get to DAR. Immediately after getting out of the car the mosquitoes attacked. Holy crap, we can’t do anything else but run for the bug spray, run to sign up for the ride, run back to get our gear together and hop on our bikes to try to outrun the bugs. Of course there is the customary bathroom trip that stretches out forever, I’m not saying who but you all know… So, on the trail, it starts off with about a mile of piney, mega rooty trail by the water. John immediately crashes, I go over the handle bars and we’re off to a good start! Doug just watches us and I’m sure he’s laughing to himself. After this section the rest of the ride flows very nicely. We don’t do much stopping because of the bugs but we rode almost non-stop for 3 hours and about 14 miles on some seriously great trail. Lots of climbing but with the exception of one sick rocky climb it was all rideable. Really, really nice. The terrain was challenging but not discouraging, and you had to pay attention at all times. There was a lot of everything, roots, rocks, ascents, not too many descents, bridges, board rides and not too many stretches where you could just mindlessly cruise. In fact I don’t think there were any sections like that. We would all go back there to ride in a heartbeat but maybe when it’s cooler and there aren’t so many bugs. Great ride folks, I would definitely recommend this area. – Jill

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