Beginner Ride at Mansfield Hollow

Riders: Nicky, Mark, Natasha, Andy, Jill

Ok, I received a request for this story so here goes. It was the 2nd beginner ride of the year after 2 already got cancelled due to rain. We had a more manageable crew this time with 4 repeat riders and one new rider – my buddy Mark from LL Bean who is a kayak instructor there and who I get all my kayak advice from. I decided on a figure 8 loop that starts down the road and goes into the woods near the transfer station. This is a good plan if somebody has a mechanical or needs to bail because it pops us right back at the parking lot. I sent Andy out front and I tagged along in the back. The trails at Mansfield once again are in perfect condition and we have a smooth ride. Mark has ridden at Mansfield before but had never been on the trails we were riding and Nicky and Natasha had been on the first ride although Natasha had not ridden the transfer section the first time. We got back to the parking lot and everyone wanted to ride more so we headed down the road again to complete our figure 8 and popped into the woods on the right. These guys cruised right along and I promised them that next time I would take them over to the lollipop if they wanted more of a challenge. They are all riding hardtails too which is more challenging especially with all the roots at Mansfield. Mark was psyched that he got to ride new trails, Nicky was cruising along like an expert and Natasha climbed all the hills that she had a hard time climbing last time now that she is getting better at choosing her gears. All in all a very pleasant, laid back, no stress ride with a happy crew. A+. – Jill

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