Mansfield Hollow Ride

Riders: John Stockford, Doug, Michael, Jill
After going to the Brialee race in the morning to cheer for our racers we headed over to Mansfield to meet John and Doug for an early afternoon ride. You really could not have asked for a more perfect day. Bright sunshine and not too warm, the trails were dry and fast. We did the lollipop first, then around the lake over to the transfer station and Michael had another trail in mind to cut out a portion of the transfer station trail but we ended up in a big dirt bowl with no trails so we backtracked a bit and Michael found the trail he wanted and we headed in. How does he know about this I ask myself because I’ve been riding here just as long as he has but never knew about it. I guess that is why he is the navigator on the AR team and I am not… So we head over to Wolf Rock, over the bridge that neither Doug or John have seen before although it’s been there since late last summer. Can it really be that long since they ridden here???? Wow. Anyway, over the bridge, up the hill, and onto my favorite stretch. We make sure John doesn’t impale himself again through the rock/water crossing that he loves to crash in then a fast exit out to the road. Fantastic ride. – Jill

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