Monthly Archives: April 2008

Vernon Cycle Road Ride

Riders:  Keith, Matt, Dave, Will, Reva, Michael, Jill
This ride started off pretty good then 5 miles in my chain junked up.  Dave stopped to give me a hand and I realized I didn’t have a chain tool so he rode back to the group to see if anyone else did.  Of course Keith did!  And a quick link but it didn’t fit my bike even though Keith and Michael tried everything to get it to work.  I got seriously razzed because my chain was so dirty, we were all covered in grease.  Then Matt came to the rescue and fixed the chain but I lost several links and couldn’t use my big ring.  It worked out ok though, great mellow route, not too hilly for this time of year and got to meet 3 new riders. – Jill

Winsted Woods MTB Race

Race Results

Middlesex Fells Nemba Ride

Riders:  Andy M., Michael, Jill
This ride was ok.  I’d give it maybe a B- or C+.  It was in Medford, just north of Boston and our ride leader was Howie.  Howie had a lot to say.  Apparently there are a lot of politics going on with this park and many trails are restricted to mountain bikers.  And apparently there are a lot of undesirable behaviors going on in the park.  Let’s just say I wouldn’t ride there by myself.  To be fair the couple stretches of single track they had was pretty good, one part in particular was extra challenging and the group was surprised that all 3 of us cleaned it the first time through.  So I don’t think we’ll be heading back to the Fells to ride again but on a brighter note lunch was great! – Jill

Mansfield Beginner Ride

Riders: Nathan and John Sattar, Nicky, Dave, and Connor, Harley, Natasha and Ryan, Rachel and Andy C., Doug M., Andy M., Kathy, Jill, Michael
This ride was awesome! No crashes, no blood, lots of bravery, incredible weather, and good times. I hope the next beginner ride is just as great. – Jill

Pictures from the ride

Mystic Velo Ride

Riders:   Jim, Michael, Jill, Paul (“your bike is a relic!”), Mike T., Mark, Chris, ?
This was the best Mystic ride so far this year.  Just tough enough to make me work hard but not so hard that I got hopelessly dropped on each hill.  Plus it was around 75 and sunny, first ride that everyone was in shorts and short sleeves.  Classic Mystic route, some hills, some great fast flats, and friendly banter.  – Jill

Grayville Ride

Riders: Andy M., Glenn, Michael, Jill
Guess what???? Glenn had a new bike. A Gary Fisher Excalibur. I rode it around the parking lot and loved it. It fit me like a glove! All these new bikes are making me jones for a new bike of my own. Lots and lots of riders at Grayville tonight. The conditions on the lower part were better than last time but not as dry as I would have expected them to be. It was a pretty quick ride, we didn’t bring lights so we tried to keep the pace pretty steady with few stops. Made a slight modification for time to our regular route so we could get back before dark but most of it was the same. We hit all our favorite spots and got some video of Andy going over the seesaw. Great ride! – Jill

Hopbrook Dam MTB Race

Race Results