Daily Archives: February 3, 2008


Riders: Andy M., Jim, Glenn, Rick, Jill, Mickey (for a minute!)

Got to the parking lot way too early and started to get depressed. The entire parking lot was a deep frozen pond that I had to park on the outskirts of, not the best omen for trail conditions. Sat brooding in the parking lot until the rest of the crew showed up. Headed out and quickly realized the trails were absolutely fine. Andy promised no road ride to the trailhead but somehow we did a road ride to the trailhead . Here is my positive spin – What a great warmup! But really it was just great to be riding when it was above 30 degrees, not windy, with the sun trying to come out. No sooner had I congratulated Mickey on the new addition to his family then Jim rode up and said Mickey had ripped off his derailleur and was headed back. Next time Mickey… This was truly a wonderful ride, only 2 minor mechanicals that were fixed pretty quickly, the weather warmed up by the minute, and lot’s of chatter about DDR (ha!), our next dream bikes (ha, ha!), components (sram vs. shimano), youth basketball (go Alyssa!), and martini’s. 14.3 miles and all is good. – Jill