Bluff Point

Riders: Shelby, Andy M., Dave H., Michael, Jill

Yet another freezing cold early morning ride. No wind this week though. We started out our normal route and it immediately got warmer once we hit the woods. Shelby was hanging tough but I’m guessing she was kind of glad that Michael forgot his phone on the roof of his car and they headed back to the parking lot to look for it. Dave, Andy and I kept going and mixed up the route a bit, this was Dave’s first time riding at Bluff so we gave him a good tour. Lot’s of yapping on this ride, no crashes (at least none that I remember), no mechanicals and some really good luck (skill???) in rock gardens for all of us. Headed back to the parking lot to meet up with Shelby and Michael who found the phone and were just coming back from the trail. Cold but fun ride in the early am. – Jill

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