Andy, Doug, Rick, Dave H., Mary Lynn, Michael, Jill

Another 7:30am start and frigid conditions.  It was about 24 degrees when we started but it warmed up to reasonable temps after about a half hour.  I think we were lucky we started so early, toward the end of the ride the trails were starting to get soft.  We all rode the ramp and seesaw (to some extent!), no excuses this time.  Last time we were here it was at night and I got stuck on the first ramp and said I would try it next time we were there in daylight.  Of course Andy remembered so I had to do it this time!  More speed was the answer but that seesaw was a bit rough.  And high.  But fun.  It was a big group for a freezing cold early morning ride.  Thanks everyone for coming out, looks like we may be snowshoeing for a while after all this crazy snow. – Jill

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