Daily Archives: January 8, 2008

Hartman Park

Andy, Glenn, Michael, Jill, Skip, Kelly, Wayne

Finally hooked up with Kelly, Skip and crew again. This was again an incredible night for riding. It was low 50’s, high 40’s and we were able to ride with only one layer of clothing. Except for a few mud and ice bogs I’d say 90% of the riding was great. Kelly took us to the spot where we got lost last fall and showed us where we went wrong. There was not really a recognizable path because of all the leaf cover so it’s no wonder why we got lost. But we were safe with Kelly our gracious ride leader, he always gets us out safe and sound, but not necessarily dry. We promised we would be back next Tuesday but storm Christopher has put a dent in that plan so we’ll be back as soon as the trails are clear Kelly! – Jill