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Tour Des Farms

Connecticut Tour Des Farms
September 29, 2007
Participant:  Jennifer Schirmer

This is a great ride for a great cause.  Connecticut Tour Des Farms helps to support agriculture and farmland preservation throughout our state.  My family owns the last farm in operation in Vernon and my college roommate is a dairy farmer in North Stonington so the plight of Connecticut agriculture hits home to say the very least.  Local food is fresher.  It is also better for our local economy and environment.  If you aren’t buying local, you just aren’t thinking!

This Tour Des Farmes took me through Glastonbury’s farms.  I had not realized there was so much local food available at good prices right around the corner from where I work!  My first stop was at Dondero Orchards where I bought two dozen eggs.  How could I carry those on a racing bike?  No problem because the volunteers transport any bought produce back to the start point for pick-up at the end of the tour!  Its a good thing too because from there I headed up Clark Hill Road to get a panoramic view of the Connecticut Valley.  The weather was clear and what I could see was worth every foot I climbed.

The numerous other stops included Belltown Hill Orchards where I bought a bushell of red bartlett pears for $10 (???!!!!) and Rose’s Berry Farm.  Rose’s has wonderful raspberries.  I picked an entire flat before heading out past Old Maid’s Organic Farm to ride along the Connecticut River.

My only regret of the day was that I had not brought more money.  One of the last stops was at Robb’s Ice Cream and I had no money left : (    The $5 in farm vouchers was used up miles ago on those eggs.  No matter, I’ll have a great excuse to wander out that way again soon!  Thanks Nerac for suporting such a great event!