Who: Jennifer Schirmer and Brian Hadix

When: September 16, 2007

I grew up in Vernon and always have wanted to do the Vernon to Vernon ride. 2007 brought some changes: it wasn’t on my call weekend and the route was a loop from Vernon Cycle rather than from Vernon Vermont to Vernon CT. The weather wasn’t raining or blazing hot so I was game. I was even able to talk one of my physician colleagues into riding the 40-mile loop. V2V supports Cornerstone which is a great resource to some of the women we care for in our OB/GYN practice.

I chose to ride the century loop figuring it couldn’t be any worse than the Steeple Chase. I think I may have been wrong (at least for the first 60 miles anyway). There was some serious sufferring going on. Geoff routed us through some steep grades north of 190. Not much draft advantage while riding due to the light attendance.

Thanks to Geoff for an outstanding job marking the route. No need to even use my route sheet. (BTW the route is on mapmyride.com). The three rest stops boasted some great power foods. I loved the jelly beans! The scenary was absolutely beautiful and the roads with minimal car traffic.

I hightly recommend this event and hope to see you all there in the future!

: ) Jennifer

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