Daily Archives: August 2, 2007

Thursday Alternative Spoke Ride

Riders: John Sattar, Ed, Philip, Chris, Jeff B., Jill

Super hot and humid but still 6 brave souls showed up. Ed and Philip decided on a mild route due to the weather and we headed toward Stafford. Some good hills for the warm-up then a nice and steady, rolling route out to Monson. The way back had some great descents that made you forget how hot it was and then a nice paceline on 32 back to the parking lot got us back safely at 31 miles. Had a couple brief moments of stardom with some sprinting but of course paid for every moment of it. Those boys are strong and the phrase “you play, you pay” comes to mind. I always forget how great this ride is and how wonderful Ed and Philip are. They always provide a fun and safe ride with entertaining stories. – Jill