Bluff Point

Riders: Mickey, Glenn, Arch, Evan, Shelby, Shelby’s friend, John and Kyle, Andy, Jill (and Jeannie and Penny on foot)Another sunny day but a little on the windy side. Jeannie and Penny head out on foot. Shelby, Evan, and Shelby’s friend decide to do their own thing so the rest of us head out. But not before I show everyone the cool hidden tool set on my borrowed Prophet!!! Mickey is riding a prophet too so he gives me some tips about shifting etc. and how to get free stuff from Lou the Cannondale Rep! Very valuable information. It takes me a few minutes to figure out the shifting before I can concentrate on the riding and then I realize I am riding an indestructible tank that will take me wherever I want it to go. Holy Crap – this bike will go over anything!!! Glenn takes us on a great warm-up and we wind around, everyone seems pretty relaxed today. Until I confess that Michael and I went to see the new Hannibal Rising movie and get a big time Stockford scolding. I blamed that one on Michael too. That’s the rule at work – if you don’t show up to the meeting you get blamed for everything. Same rule goes for the rides… Ok, the ride – I can never remember what trails we are on at Bluff, I just put my trust in Glenn and it always works out to be a great ride. And it was. — Jill

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