Case Mountain

Riders: Cliff, John and Kyle, Arch, Jill, and Matt (kindof!)

The sun was out but it was still a bit chilly when everyone pulled into the lot. Matt pulled up in street clothes with his bike on his rack. He was on his way over and realized his bottom bracket was busted. Terrible luck! Cliff rode over from his house and we yapped, admired Arch’s new bike and waited for the Stockford’s to get ready. Finally hit the trail and the conditions are about as good as it gets for a snow ride. There seemed to be a few more inches of snow at Case than there was at Mansfield but still great traction. Took the carriage rode up to the blue all the way to the Slickrock.
I kept seeing Cliff and Arch riding their bikes every time I looked up but I was slipping and sliding all over the place. The water crossing just before the climb was pretty sketchy too. Lot’s of ice. Hit the power lines and hung a right and headed down the Fern – lot’s of fun!!!! And everyone knows I don’t like the Fern trail (stems from a deep winter snow ride a couple years back. Totally Michaels fault!!! All I remember is John Sattar and Arch shooting down the Fern like there wasn’t a foot of crispy, bike sucking snow that sapped every ounce of energy and willpower I had. I think Andy might agree with me on this one too…). Anyway, back to the present, over the metal bridge and hang a left and climb, climb, climb until we get to the pink. Another fun downhill then we took a right on the fire road, a quick left back onto the blue and another fun downhill back to the cars. Traded bikes with Arch for a minute to try out his new ride. My bike felt like a jackhammer after that! The sun fired up about halfway through the ride and felt great after all the 8 degree rides we’ve done lately. We could actually have a conversation after the ride instead of running for our cars and cranking the heat. Excellent ride. — Jill

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