Willimantic Steeple Chase Benefit Ride

Ride Pictures

Nerac Earth Cycling Club

Riders: Nathan S., John S., John A., John Stockford, Kyle, Shelby, Alan, Brian, Kai, Jill, Kevin, Bill, Sarah, Dave F., Cliff, Jen, Tom, Doug

Ride time: Whatever people needed.

Accumulated Mileage: Sarah and Dave did 20 miles; my dad, Bill, Brian, and I did 50 miles; and everyone else did 100 miles. I started out going left into Willimantic with Bill and Brian, but after a little bit they lost us. My dad and I rode across the frog bridge and started in the cold morning. We rode through so many places that I can barely list them in order: Willimantic, Lebanon, Andover, Coventry, Mansfield, Eagleville, Storrs, Willington, Ashford…(I forget the rest). After somewhat 25 miles, my dad’s back tire popped. Great! Amazingly, he tinkered with it in such a way that it held air for the rest of the ride. Odd… Later on my dad saw a snake in the road, which I didn’t see, and I ran over it. Good thing I was riding light, the snake seemed ok. We rode for 4 hours 38 minutes. The 3 rest stops had great stuff, and the food back at the mill was GREAT. I liked the second rest stop the best, it was indoors!! The section I thought was the greatest was the route 89. It was really flat. Anyway, the riders never met up again. Sarah and Dave were gone when we got there, and the 100 milers finished a couple hours after I left. This was the longest and hardest road ride I ever did, but I would give this ride a Grade A.—-Nathan

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