Hodges Village Dam

Race Results Race Pictures

Racers: D.J. N., Jonathon, Steve, Kyle, Jill, Garth, John, Rick, Dave, Emma

Support/Fans: Robin, Shelby, Vicky, Allyssa, Lauren, Jan, Andrea, Emma, Max, Allison, Doug

This was by far the best race course and race day this season. Cool temps, dry course, not one speck of mud to be found, and lot’s of racers made for an excellent day for all. I got there early to set up the tent and was able to chat with Jan, meet D.J.’s sister (potential future racer???), snap some shots of Steve, D.J. and Jonathan before the Expert start and watch Emma rip up the field in the kids race. I already described the course in Wednesday’s pre-ride story so I won’t drag everyone through it again. I’ll just say I gave 110% today and it paid off. I came in 2nd, 9 seconds behind 1st place. Sooooo close, the other girl was very fast on the fire road and I was fast in the technical sections so it made for a lot of back and forth. The last half of the race had most of the fire road sections and not so much technical so I tried my best to hang in there but she got me in the last stretch before the finish line. After cleaning up and going to the award ceremony (Kyle came in 1st!) we headed over to cheer for the sport men as they crossed the finish line. Good timing, in the 20 minutes we waited, they all came in. Great team efforts today, everyone finished, no injuries, and lot’s of smiles. –Jill

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