Bluff Point Beginner Ride

Riders: Andy, Dave, TracyWe started out doing the Haley’s farm loop, and this time I decided to try some of the obstacles that I would usually walk. I tried the whoop die-do, but didn’t quite make it up the other side, and I almost made it through the rock section that leads to the road at the end of the loop ( I hit the brakes too early). It wasn’t that hot and I kept up with two of them. Dave made the suggestion to go another way out to the point instead of going up that awful hill, and the new way I have to say was much better. It still had a climb, which Dave crawled up slowly(he said his legs hurt from doing two races over the weekend). I actually followed Andy right up the hill, I think he was surprised that I kept up with him up the hill. This trail we took lead us to the same trail we usually take, just minus the awful trail. We made it out to the log, which they wanted me to try, and I lost my nerve when I got up to it. Maybe next time. From there we went out to the point, and stayed there for awhile, before heading back to the parking lot, just as the sun was setting. It was a good ride. — Tracy

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