Elm Knoll Farm Beginner Ride


Riders: A new DJ, Jill Nugent, Sarah Fluckiger, Dave Fluckiger, John Sattar, Nathan Sattar

Time:6-8 o’clock P.M.

The heat combined with humidity on this ride was brutal. Stay in one place too long and the mosquitoes come to get you. This was mine and DJ’s first time here. He seemed pretty ready for this ride, but I had no idea what was coming. Everyone could tell Sarah and I were a little tired at the “top.” It wasn’t called the top for nothing. The rest seemed to be almost all downhill which was really nice. I was the only one that crashed in parts of the trail, so everything went pretty smooth for the most part. Sarah and Dave took a shortcut to meet us at the Christmas trees while we went in all the whoops. A few tight up hills, whoops and sharp turns was all that was in it. It was a great section. Then in another part like that we went up steep hills that were single track and hard to get up, we got into some more whoops (big ones this time). Finally we came out onto the field. A few of us almost got caught in some sand and had to snake through. Sarah and Dave decided to go back down and meet us by the cars, while we went on a long uphill to find a trail that leads to one of the fields. Then we turned around and headed back to the cars and saw Dave and Sarah watching a lacrosse game. Dave and Sarah decided it was time to go home while we did some road riding. We went down the trail leading to the cars again (all downhill) and packed up to leave. –Nathan

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