Bluff Point Beginner Ride

Dave and I pull into the parking area at Bluff and it is surprisingly empty, everyone must be trying to stay out of the heat. We see Andy at his car getting ready for the ride and park next to him. We get ready and it is approaching 6 and it is still just the three of us, so we figured everyone was afraid of the heat and decided to head out. As usual we head out to Haley’s Farm. It wasn’t too hot, there was a little breeze coming off the water. Dave and Andy went a little ahead of me but I kept them in sight all the way out to the rail road crossing. Dave pointed out a cute little bunny along the way. We stopped there for a breather and then continued on. Andy and Dave went thru the whoop-de-do and I walked it. We took another small break in the grassy field. Dave suggested going to the rock climb to see if he could finally make, and he did it on the first try. We followed the trail from there and Andy went ahead and took the right turn at the “Y” in the trail while we went left. We could see him sprint down the trail to meet us at the rock wall crossing. I was getting tired because of the slight up hill so we took another break right before my favorite trail. The break was good, I was able to make over all the obstacles out to the gravel road, I was so proud of myself. On the way we ran into on of Dave’s roadie friends Jay riding a cyclocross bike, and he decided to tag along with us for a little while. He insisted that I go in front of him, so I warned him that I was really slow.We then went into the woods up the never ending hill onto the trail that takes us out to the point…….I hate that hill. I almost fell three times after that hill because I was so exhausted by hill and the heat. We get to the end of the trail and I tell Dave I want to head back to the car, Andy says he is going to check out the new trail and we head back………and as usual Dave doesn’t have the best sense of direction and takes me back the long way.

We run into Andy riding back and he said if went the other direction on the trail It would have been all down hill and shady……….Dave says not worry it was good for me….I’ll get him for that. I liked the small group because I felt like I wasn’t holding everyone up, but Dave said I rode pretty good for not being on the bike for two weeks. Hopefully next week isn’t as hot.

Riders: Andy, Dave and Tracy.

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