East Hartford Criterium

Race Pictures

Riders: Kyle, Rick, Cliff (Dave, Patrick, and Will from the pro team)

Spectator’s: Robin, Danielle, Jill

Why, why did I show up with my road bike???? Did I secretly want to race? Ummmmmm. NO. It was hard not to crumble under the pressure Patrick was dishing out but the thought of putting on the wet clothes I wore on my lunch ride kept me from getting out there. Very low key, laid back atmosphere. Took a seat in the grass with Robin and Danielle and watched. Got to check out Patrick’s new ride up close and personal, he’s not 100% sure about it though and ends up on his old bike. Kyle wins a prime and Kyle and Rick are both riding strong. 30 minutes later it’s over and the A race starts, and Cliff heads out there. These guys are really fast. I watch a few laps and the rain starts heading in so I scoot. Maybe next Tuesday…


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