Bluff Point Beginners Ride

Ride Pictures Ride Videos

Riders: Sarah, Jill, Tracy, Dave, Shelby, John, Andy, Tim, Jim, Mark, Arch, Evan

It was incredibly humid all day but it was cooler with a great breeze at Bluff. Perfect day for a ride and Andy is expert at picking the trails that the beginner’s and more seasoned riders will enjoy. I can see a lot of improvement in Tracy’s riding since the ride 2 weeks ago. She looks much more relaxed on the bike, has raised her seat and she told me she rode over a log last week. Awesome! I encourage her to ride up the hill to get to Haley’s and at first she doesn’t want to but she tries and scoots right up. I try to get her to ride the dip next to the rr tracks but nope, maybe next time…If she tries one thing each ride, she’ll be riding everything by the end of the summer. Sarah is riding up front and I don’t even get to ride with her at first, she’s just screaming along. Last time I rode with Sarah was last summer and she was still riding with platforms. Now she has clipless pedals and looks quite skilled at using them. We raise her seat and she seems more comfortable and scoots right over the rocks. We stop frequently so she can try to get over some bigger logs and rocks. The 2 boys who joined us (Tim and Jim) are also pretty good riders. In fact they were quite adventurous doing some crazy jumps and stunts. Mark (Tim or Jim’s dad) was keeping up in his fully rigid bike, no problem. I barely saw Shelby and Evan, they rode at Case last Wednesday with us so Bluff must seem easy for them now. They’ve got skills! The two John dad’s are very patient teachers and are trying hard not to crowd them. Dave’s getting tons of pics and Andy’s taking what I hope is great video, I can’t wait to see them. Off to Dairy Queen!

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