Mount Snow Race

Race Pictures Race Results

Saturday at Mount Snow

Nerac Earth Rider: Doug

Groupies: John, Kyle, Jill

After the necessary Starbucks (white chocolate mocha!) we headed up to Mount Snow to cheer for Doug and Kyle W. and watch the pros race. Ran into Mike who told us Mar smoked the Super D with a 4th place finish. Watched Kyle W. scream down the downhill course for a 2nd place finish and headed to the start line to find Doug. Wished Doug luck and rushed up the mountain so we could watch the race. The Mount Snow marshals were super friendly and knowledgeable and we chatted up every one and snapped off some pics and woohoo’d for Doug. Doug is way out in front, in fact he finished 4th rider overall – he was burning up that course! Ran back down the mountain to catch the pro’s start. They pulled out all the stops for the line up. Everyone’s name was called and all the stars rolled up to the start line. It was incredible to see Nathan and Mary Lynn lined up with all the pros that we read about and watch on TV. By this time Kyle and I are seriously regretting that we didn’t race, next year for sure we agree. They start and we wait for Mar and Nathan to ride by so we can scream hysterically then head back up the mountain. The spot where you can see the climb and the descent is packed and we get as close to the tape as possible. Exciting stuff, those pros are climbing so fast and taking all kinds of risks on the descent. I cheer for Dara the titus racer who came to our ride last week, I cheer for Mary Lynn, for Nathan, for Michael Patrick, for Mary McConnelaug who is seriously kicking butt, for the girl who wrapped herself around a tree and got back on and rode it out and for the jr x guy who played ping pong with his body and still got back on his bike. Very exciting day- can’t wait till next year!!!!

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