Coyote Hill Race

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Left home at 7:30 and headed up to West Fairlee, VT. I drove about 2 hrs then Michael drove the rest of the way while I napped. Stopped at the local convenience store to take advantage of the last “real” bathroom for a while and ran into Erin and Wonder Woman (Mary Lynn) on the way out. Said Hi while some local yokel made jokes about Pippi Longstocking (we all had pigtails).
We arrived at the race just as Doug was finishing. He said there was still some mud out there but definitely better than the last 3 races. Parked, registered and went to cheer for Rick while Michael put up the tent. Said Hi to Rob from Team Yippee, got a quick “Go Rick” in and headed back to the car to get ready to pre-ride. Course is looking pretty good, a few mud bogs that I carried my bike through on the pre-ride. It’s toasty out and I’m enjoying the pre-ride, it’s almost all single-track with 2 fire-road climbs. Head back to the start line just in time to get a quick course recap from Rick and we’re off.

Course starts climbing immediately through a soft field then hangs a right onto a fire-road climb before clicking a right into the single-track. By the time I get to the top my legs are screaming. The 1st set of single-track is incredible. Very fast and fun, decide to ride through the mud bogs this time. Mistake. My bike doesn’t like it and stops shifting. Every time I click into the easy gears it won’t settle and I can hear it keep trying to shift over and over but not actually getting to another gear. This trail kicks me out into the other fire-road climb and I grind up and back into another fun stretch of more technical single-track. As races go, this is more challenging than most. Lot’s of roots, rocks, stream crossings and the mud bogs to get through. The pre-ride was deceivingly easy, race pace is another story. At the end of the 1st lap I caught up with a guy I recognized from the Thursday night MV ride. I believe his name is Carl but John says it’s Bill, we suffer up the hill together then he kindly lets me jump into the single-track first. On the 2nd lap I decide to run through the mud bogs. After the start of the 3rd lap I realize I am out of water and I’m only at mile 11. The 50 oz bladder that I’ve been using all winter and for the last 3 races is not cutting it on an 80 degree day. Struggle through the last lap with no grace whatsoever and finish. This race was tough!

Our tent was extremely popular for this race. Thanks Michael for setting up the tent, making sure our crew had shade, surviving a great big wet doggy sneeze from “Honeybear”, explaining the Nerac logo (critical research, patents, and alerts) to the curious, and for sporting the ultra cool Nerac Earth black cap. — Jill

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