Daily Archives: May 24, 2006

Kings Mountain

Ride Pictures

We were out in San Francisco, CA (actually Burlingame) for a Mark Logic Users Conference. Matt of Mark Logic thought that he would try to get a group road ride going with a few of the attendees and employees of the Mark Logic. Five of us all rented our bikes from a bike shop across the highway in Burlingame, called Summit Bicycles, while one of the guys, Chris, brought his own bike out from NJ. The bike shop was excellent and did their best to get us all bikes that would fit us. We decided to the the Kings Mountain loop, which is about 40 miles long with a big 3+ mile, 30+ minute, continuous switchback climb. The road out to Kings Mountain was flat to a slow rise so it was pretty easy going. A spoke snapped on my rear wheel, going up a slight grade about 10 miles into the ride and one of the guys, Jeff, offered to “take one for the team” by giving me his bike. Instead, I pretended not to hear him and proceeded to wrap the broken spoke around a good one. The wheel had a warp in it, but I just opened the rear brake all the way and only had a slight rub. When we hit the climb we started to spread out a bit, but we all hit the top within a few minutes of each other. No one had a computer, so I don’t know what our average speed was on the climb, but I did have my heart rate monitor. For a brief time it was at 202 bpm, but then steadied out between 195-198 bpm for the whole climb, so I would guess the other guys were feeling the same type of stress. The last part of the loop was a lot of downhill back into town via the skyline boulevard. We all agreed that it was a great ride, especially considering the fact that we had never ridden together before. I also stand in awe of the amount of will power that Jeff had making that climb up Kings Mountain. I don’t think I can ever whine about a climb again. Riders: Kevin, Matt , Chris, Jeff, Mike and myself. — John