Bluff Point

The funny bunny ride (Bluff Point/May 17th)

Riders: Glenn, Mike, Jill, John, Rick, Andy, Doug, ArchOk, I admit it – I never stopped talking and laughing this entire ride, except when I pinballed off two trees and was stunned into silence. Hmmmmm, this hurts pretty bad, take the glove off to inspect the damage. Doesn’t look bad, but getting the glove back on was horrific. Doug rides by, I can see I’m getting no sympathy so I get back on the bike and resume yapping to whoever is nearest. Andy, Glenn, and Arch ride down that crazy, sick downhill. I still have the scar on my leg from last year when Michael “nicely suggested” that I do it. Conditions are great considering all the rain we just got. A few standing puddles but mostly dry. Incredible loop this time, I think Glenn is loving the hills on this ride, everything sort of fits together and it feels like all new single-track. Everyone is riding like a star, no slackers tonight, everyone wants to get back to have pie. Well, I want to get back and have pie. And I did, a great big slice of homemade chocolate smore pie with real whipped cream and oversized chocolate chips. I give this ride 5 out of 5 stars, my favorite one this year so far. — Jill

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