Ride Pictures

We woke up to a beautiful morning. It was about a nice 50-60 maybe warmer, blue skies, the sun was beating down on us and we were all ready to ride, and this ride we had my friend Spencer join us for a ride. We started riding thinking that it was going to be a nice ride with no mechanical problems, but we were wrong.

We started going on the first trail and not even five minutes in Rick had already got a flat tire. As we all wait me and Arch were going around this technical rock loop that was pretty cool. Rick got his bike fixed and we went on through the technical roots and rocks of Grayville. Spencer was having some trouble with the roots and the rocks, but I have to give him a brake because his seat was too high and he was riding FLATS! So with Spencer bringing up the rear we went on. We were flying through the trails having a good time and I was following Kyle’s dad close on his tail and we came up to these trees and I misjudged and I clipped my handle bar on the tree and flipped over the bars and hurt my knee, but I got up and rode on. Spencer was cramping up so he had to leave early and go home which was understandable. After Spencer left we went on and about 30 minutes after he left once again Rick got another flat. He had to fix another tire and he almost blew the tube up. After he fixed that we went on to finish, and Kyle’s dad found out that he had cracked his frame and his whole back triangle was messed up. After talking for a while we were all off to the bike shop.

It was an awesome day to ride and everyone had fun. This is how all the rides should be, except for all the mechanical problems… lol

— Jill

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