Fat Tire Classic (Winding Trails)

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Winding Trails race

Rain, more rain, raining harder, steady rain, pelting rain, non-stop rain. Mud, slop, soupy mud, puddles. You get the idea. I’ve never quite seen singletrack quite like this, there was about 6 inches of chocolate pudding mud throughout all the singletrack. No brakes, no gears, the best part was finishing and being able to clean up and change inside where it was warm. There was even a fire in the fireplace. I’m too tired too add much more except that I sincerely hope the next race is sunny and 70. — Jill

Another muddy race at Winding Trails and the rain was just coming down, keeping us cool through the long 5 mile muddy laps that all of us had to do. There wasn’t a place on the track that wasn’t wet. The downhills were caked with mud and the flats were filled with huge puddles, but the race went on. No one could even ride the downhills, but some of us managed to ride them a little, but a lot of people had to walk their bikes, because there were about 2 foot ruts running down all of downhills. Everyone in the beginning of the day finished on the team but the last riders who rode it which were the experts had to endure 3 laps of the horrible coarse after me and all the other sport riders had just trampled the coarse. I could understand if some of the experts pulled off because that coarse had seen better days. I hope next race the weather will be nice and sunny because I sure don’t want to ride another horrible muddy race. All and all the day was fun except for taking all the cold clothes off in the cold and having to freeze, but it was nice putting the warm clothes on. — Randy

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