West Hartford Reservoir

Ride Pictures Video Clip

WHR Easter Ride

Riders: John, John, Kyle, Randy, Andy, Doug, Garth, Mike, Jill

Good showing for a holiday ride. No barricades are up, where did the bear go? He mustn’t be hibernating anymore, does that mean he’s wandering the woods? Chilly start but most of us start with one layer, the sun is shining, it’s a glorious day. This ride was so quick it’s difficult to write about so here are the highlights: Start toward the fence, immediate clog up at the turn, slow climb up to the right turn and get some pretty pics of the line-up. Who’s ROP, where is Arch to make them take the techy way up??? Go up the normal way, Kyle makes it up the loose rocky climb to the power lines, lot’s of “almost had it’s”, then Mike powers it up and over standing on the pedals. Hmmmf, nice job boys. I jam everyone up after the downhill by forgetting to pull up on the handlebars and my front tire stops dead at the rock lip. Kyle side slams into me and my bike bike shoots out sideways. WTH just happened? Continue to the 1 footer rock drop, the heckling starts from Mike when Randy goes around and I roll it. Randy’s excuse is he’s on a borrowed bike, I have no excuse. We head over tp the the newish to us trails and whip through the singletrack in no time. Everyone misses the steep rock roller so I go back for it. We stop a couple times but everyone is pretty much together so we don’t stop for long. Finally get down to the rocky, downhill to the boards over the stream crossing. Get on the boards and make it about halfway before bailing to the left. Cross the river, scream down the hill, cross the fireroad, up the muddy trail, into the mini-stretch of singletrack, back out to the fireroad and start across the dyke. Try to avoid a huge mud puddle but find a worse one, glad I had the leg warmers on, having flashbacks to Hopbrook. I’m the last one this time out and the guys in front are too far ahead to tell them to go right up the trail instead of left so Andy and I gripe a little and try to catch everyone. Nice mud bogs on this fireroad, Doug waits for us at the left turn and we head down to the switchbacks and back onto the fireroad. I’m complaining that the ride is going to be too short so John volunteers that he knows a different trail that will take us longer. I’m sorry but WHY did I follow him? Flashback to Case when we ride all the way down blue then back up just to do it. Yup, it was just like that. Ok, last part of this ride is the best. Fast, fast singletrack, log stunts, a nice endo from Kyle – minor blood drawn, John hovers like a good Dad. While he recovers Andy and Randy clean the log stunt, Randy rides the narrow wooden bridge, and Sattar puts in some serious trail maintenance. Mike and Garth are gone, they are racing the last stretch. We finish the ride in just under an hour and a half, too quick. — Jill

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